Addgile is an IT company that helps companies digitalizing their businesses

We are independent experts in IT, software engineering and automation, with experience from different industries, especially manufacturing, financial services, and telecom. Our strength is the broad experience from different industries and technical platforms, which helps us quickly understand your business to be able to add instant value.  

Addgile supplies consultants with expertice in
– Business IT Strategy & Analysis
– Agile methodologies & DevOps
– IT project management
– Software development
– Business intelligence
– Industrial IT & Automation 

Addgile creates custom-made software
If you need specific custom-made software to support your business, such as applications, apps, tools, scripts or services, we can help you. 

Our core values
– honesty : doing the right things and being transparent to gain trust 
comprehend : embracing our customers’ businesses and needs, to be able to add instant value
simplify : keeping things simple and understandable for end users
evolve : driving the evolution of the business through digitalization
deliver : being ’doers’ in order to generate successful, qualitative and sustainable deliveries

The company name originates from the word agile (ajəl) and is pronounced in the same way. The agile manifesto is the foundation of the company soul. Addgile is also a game of words (add+gile), where gile is an irish word for brightness or whiteness. We aim to make the world a little bit brighter through IT.

Addgile operates in a global world in collaboration with customers and partners.

Addgile AB is a private company and was founded by Magnus Löfgren in 2015. The main office is placed in Tibro, Sweden.

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