Business IT Strategy & Analysis

Let us help you with strategic IT decisions, analysing your actual business needs, finding solutions or becoming a link between your business and IT.


As an independent partner, we can help and guide you in:

  • transforming your business to become more agile and flexible to keep up with the ever changing world
  • selecting the way forward and change management to reach it
  • managing your business architecture, conduct feasibility studies, and capture and managing requirements

Agile methodologies & DevOps

Do you drive your business using Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP), Scaled Agile FramEwork (SAFE), DevOps, or using variants or combinations?


At Addgile, we believe so much in agile methodologies that we even formed our company name from the word agile (see about us). If you need people in roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Agile Coach, we’re the partner for you.

IT project management

If you still haven’t find the way to become true agile, we can help you with your traditional project. We have experience in executing traditional projects using various project models. However, if you think the traditional project model is not your way forward, contact us and we can discuss how you can turn into a true agile product oriented business to release innovation and increase your flexibility and output.

Software development

We are experts in the entire software development process, from order to installation. Let us help you with:

  • requirements
  • architecture & design
  • construction
  • maintenance
  • system integration
  • automatic builds, test automation, continuous integration/delivery/deployment
  • configuration and release management


Azure, Azure Devops (VSTS), SQL, SSIS, SSRS, C#, Java, Arduino, MQ, XML, Siemens PLC, … please contact us if you want to know if we master a certain platform, tool, API, or language.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence helps you visualize your business from different perspectives; historical, present and prediction of the future. Let us help you define, gather, and utilize your data in your business to optimize it even more using analytics and machine learning.

Industrial IT & Automation

We have experience in integrating shop floor equipment with your Manufacturing Execution System and Enterprise Resource Planning to control and follow up your manufacturing process. We have experience in different MES, both inhouse developed systems but also generic like GE Proficy CIMPLICITY and Proficy Workflow.